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5 Tips for Applying for Therapy Grants

Speech Language Pathology in Motion, Therapy Grants
At Speech Language Pathology in Motion, we believe that all children deserve access to high quality speech, language and feeding therapy, even when therapy is not covered by private health insurance.  Therapy grants are available to help with this.  We have found that most families who actively pursue funding, when a financial need is present, are able to find it.  Please do not let financial difficulties stop you from getting the highest quality treatment available.
5 Tips for Applying for Therapy Grants
  1. Read the criteria and requirements for the therapy grants carefully. Find grants that help with your family’s needs.  Applying for grants takes a lot of time.  Don’t waste your time, or the time of the grant provider, by filling out applications for grants that you are not eligible for.  Review the organization’s requirements or criteria before applying.
  2. While it is wonderful that there are a lot of grants available, this can be very overwhelming.  Speak with your child’s therapist.  They often can recommend a grant for your family to apply for.  At Speech Language Pathology in Motion, we are often able to suggest a few grants to try applying for first, based on your family’s needs.
  3. Speak with others in the special needs community.  You may find out about new resources that you didn’t know about before!
  4. If you receive a grant, remember to follow up with a thank you letter.  Share how the grant helped your family.  It is nice to also enclose some pictures. Many non-profits depend on these updates to share with their donors so that they can continue to raise funds and help other families in need.
  5. Don’t give up. If you don’t receive a grant you applied for, you can re-apply when the grant is offered again.  You could also apply for a different grant.  Ask around in local groups or set up a fundraiser specific to your needs.  There are many options for funding available, however, sometimes it takes some time and persistence.

We maintain a list of therapy grants that help with the cost of speech, language and feeding therapy on our website at: https://speechinmotion.com/resources

Tina is the owner of Speech Language Pathology in Motion, a private practice on Long Island, NY. Her continuing education has included training in numerous speech language pathology treatment techniques including animal assisted therapy, Hippotherapy, PROMPT, DIRFloortime, The SOS Approach to Feeding, NDT, LAMP, and TEACCH. Tina has been recognized as a board certified hippotherapy clinical specialist (HPCS) since 2011 and is one of only ten SLPs in the United States to hold this credential.

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